Kyogle Together / Kyogle Youth Action


Address: 159-161 Summerland Way Kyogle NSW 2474 

(bottom of memorial park, behind the war memorial)


Postal Address: PO Box 751 Kyogle NSW 2474

Phone number: 02 6632 2972

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Kyogle Together Incorporated/ Kyogle Youth Action (KTI/KYA)


ABN 93 675 256 197



Kyogle Youth Action (KYA) was established and Incorporated in 1995, initially funded by the Department of Community Services. KYA later became part of Kyogle Together which Incorporated in 2010 to strengthen its capacity and ability to deliver services not only to young people and their families but a broader reach for its target group.


Staff Skills/Experience        

The current General Manager has over 14 years’ experience in the welfare field both in Australia and the UK.  The centre also employs a youth worker who has been involved for over 10 years with Kyogle Youth Action. The organisation also employs a book keeper with over 20 years’ experience in the community sector and book keeping. The staff provide direct services to vulnerable and disadvantaged families and individuals.


Management Committee

The volunteer management committee is made up of people from the Kyogle community which currently comprise of a civil engineer, two retired local public school teachers, Service User, Economist and a Current youth worker/ former manager of a regional community based service.


Target groups

With a diverse number of projects, the target groups are widely varied but predominantly disadvantaged members of the community as well as the wider community. 



Kyogle LGA and training for community sector staff from the Kyogle, Richmond Valley and Lismore LGA’s.





Funding Bodies

Family and Community Services

Community Drug Action Team

Kyogle Council


Diversity of service delivery

Information, Advocacy and Referral Service - To disadvantaged members of the community as well as the wider community.  Emergency Relief.


Kyogle Youth Action– young people and youth aged 12 to 18 years and their families, focused on Early Intervention Programs, skills based activities and community development.


Community Development Activities

Kyogle Community Gym - proudly engages a diverse cross section of local residents with general sessions having young people through to older engage well and a balance of gender. There are specific classes for older people, veterans and general boot camps.  


Capacity Building Training for the local community sector in Kyogle, Lismore and Richmond Valley LGA’s.


Kyogle Youth Ventures-a positive response to a tragedy in the local community where a forum initiated this youth mentoring program that has run for over 10 years. 



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